Katie Price shocks fans by showing off HUGE piles of dirty laundry on floor

Looks like she's got her work cut out for her!

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Katie Price left fans stunned (and feeling very sorry for her!) after revealing an ENORMOUS pile of dirty washing in her utility room.

The mum of five, who was in Ireland over the weekend to appear on a talk show, got a nasty surprise when she arrived home to mountains of clothes and bedding lying everywhere.

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Posting a clip to Instagram Stories, she panned her phone camera around the utility room – which is being renovated – to show off the sheer scale of the job ahead of her.

“Can you come look at my washing room. Look, I’ve come back and what the [bleep] is all that washing I need to do?” she said.

Eek, Katie. We don’t envy you!

Katie pointed out her utility room hasn’t been decorated yet, as she’s been working on the rest of her house.

She showed off a pretty spectacular sparkling silver glass feature wall, and brand new wallpaper which she seemed pretty chuffed about.

While showing off her new-look home, the star revealed she has a HUGE portrait of herself hanging in her hallway.

Well, why not, eh?

One fan told her: “Seems odd you would want a huge portrait of yourself on your wall.”

But another said: “Why? She wouldn’t have what she’s got it wasn’t for herself. She’s got plenty photos of her kids around as well so why not have one of her?”

Katie’s house hit headlines last week after she allowed the cameras in for an episode of Keith Lemon’s Through The Keyhole.

Brave girl, letting Keith roam around your home!

Katie’s home on Through The Keyhole (Credit: ITV)

Fans were quick to comment on the fact Katie’s home had piles of animal poo in the driveway, an overgrown tennis court and a swimming pool that needed a good clean.

But, speaking afterwards, Katie pointed out the house was undergoing renovation.

Keith Lemon shows viewers the horse poo (Credit: ITV)

“I said to them, if you just give me two more weeks as we’re having it renovated, it will look completely different, but you guys didn’t want to wait!

“I didn’t even clear up, I just let them film it as it is!”

Katie also said she has over 200 animals living on her farmland and you “get used” to animal faeces around the grounds.

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