Shocking Coronation Street affair to be exposed in New Year!

There may be trouble ahead...

If there’s one thing we’ve learned after years of soap-watching, it’s that affairs never stay secret for very long.

After already being rumbled twice – once by Luke Britton and once by Michelle Connor – it looks like Rana Nazir and Kate Connor’s secret is about to come exploding out.

Is the cat about to get out of the bag? (Credit: ITV)

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The pair are secretly sneaking around behind Rana’s husband, Zeedan’s, back – with a little bit of help from Michelle, who’s letting her little cousin use her flat for some ‘alone time’ with Rana.

All is going swimmingly with this arrangement – until Michelle’s partner, Robert Preston, starts to become suspicious.

He catches Michelle handing flat keys over to Kate and Rana, and the pair waste no time in rushing off there.

Robert is suspicious about what the girls are getting up to over there – come on, Robert, it’s not rocket science – but will he decide to investigate and catch them in the act?

They’ve already been caught by Luke (Credit: ITV)

And most importantly, where would Robert’s loyalty lie? With his girlfriend’s cousin who also happens to work for him.

Or with his former chef, Zee, who he feels guilty about firing?

Could the worst kept secret on the street soon be public knowledge?

Luke caught Rana and Kate in something of a compromising position when their van broke down recently and the women finally gave into their feelings for each other.

Rana had to think on her feet to stop him blabbing to Zeedan, so she told Luke she was pregnant with Zee’s baby.

They can’t keep their hands off each other (Credit: ITV)

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The lie looks as if it will come back to haunt her soon as Luke drops a baby bombshell and mentions her pregnancy in front of Zeedan. Yikes.

Early in January Rana will be caught on the back foot as Zeedan confronts her and demands to know if it’s true, is she really pregnant?

Will Rana tell him the truth or continue to string him along?

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