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Tuesday 25th February 2020

Shocked viewers think there's a swear word in the M&S Christmas advert

What did YOU hear?

On the surface, the new Marks and Spencer Christmas advert is the usual adorable festive fare, full of cuteness and sentimentality.

But some viewers are convinced that the promo, which debuted on TV last night, features something very UN-Christmassy – namely, a swear word.

And it's been causing a right old rumpus on Twitter, with people arguing about it until they're blue in the face.

Paddington looks out of the window to see the burglar (Credit: Marks and Spencer)

The 90-second advert features that old children's favourite Paddington Bear, and is undeniably adorable.

It starts off with the cuddly character dreaming about marmalade sandwiches (what else?), before he's rudely awoken by a loud bump.

Looking out of the window, he sees a man he thinks is Santa Claus – but who's actually a burglar that's been stealing everyone's presents.

M&S Christmas advert definitely sounds like Santa says: '[Expletive] you, little bear.'

Seeing the crook's sack of loot, Paddington offers to help him deliver the gifts to the local kids.

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The short film ends with the loveable bear giving his new friend a marmalade sandwich – and that's when the controversial word is uttered.

The burglar gives Paddington a big hug for his efforts, and almost certainly says: "Thank you, little bear."

But according to some, that first word was something far more sinister (beginning with F).

The bear gives his new friend a marmalade sandwich (Credit: Marks and Spencer)

One commentator tweeted: "A swear [word] in the M&S advert. Do you hear what I hear 1 min 12 sec in?"

Another seemed to notice it, too: "Uhhh, does anyone else hear: '[Expletive] you, little bear' on the M&S Christmas ad? Leave Paddington alone!"

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And a third agreed: "M&S Christmas advert definitely sounds like Santa says: ‘[Expletive] you, little bear.’"

But others disputed the claims, and were quite vocal in their backlash.

The crook gives Paddington a hug for his kindness (Credit: Marks and Spencer)

One viewer snorted: "Some people need to get their hearing tested. It's clearly 'thank you'."

A second spat: "Always something to moan about, and not a swear word in sight or earshot!"

And a third added: "Blatantly 'thank'. People need to get a grip."

An Marks and Spencer spokesperson confirmed to The Sun that there is no F-word in the advert, saying: "He’s saying, ‘Thank-you, little bear’. I think it’s really clear. We wouldn’t change the ad."

Come on, guys, let's all be nice to each other. After all, it's Christmas! (Soon-ish.)