Shocked Lorraine Kelly issues explanation over ‘X-rated’ dress

The Scottish presenter was forced to explain the phallic print

Lorraine Kelly has had to address rumours after viewers thought her dress was X-rated.

Viewers of the morning show suggested that her navy outfit was covered in penises!

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Referring to the comments that she was getting, the Scot laughed: “People have been saying ‘What is on it?’, and making rude comments!

“It’s milkshakes, it’s not a shuttlecock, or any other kind of… that. It is a milkshake.”

She jokingly added later on in the show: “I’m bringing my milkshake to the yard!”

Trying to change the subject, she added: “Anyway! Enough of that nonsense.”

Oh Lorraine! We can’t take you anywhere.

On her show today was Kimberley Wyatt and Carol Vorderman.

The former Pussycat Doll was talking about her dreadful morning sickness that she’s having while pregnant with her second baby.

Carol, on the other hand, had quite a story to tell.

The Countdown star came onto the show to talk about her battle with depression after suffering badly from the menopause.

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She said: “I didn’t have any other symptoms that a lot of my friends have had with the menopause – I was just getting on with it and powering on, and then this depression hit me, and I don’t use the word depression lightly.

“This was a blackness where I would wake up – nothing else in my life was going wrong – I’m a very lucky woman, no money worries or nothing like that – and I would wake up and I thought, “I don’t see the point in carrying on. I just don’t see the point in life. I don’t see it.”

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