Shock Holby City return revealed as fan favourite makes comeback

The star has returned to the show without any warning

Zosia March is returning to Holby City, just months after leaving.

The doctor – who is played by actress Camilla Arfwedson in the BBC medical drama – left Holby to move to America as part of her medical advancement, but now her husband being shot has brought her back.

Holby City's Zosia March is returning
Zosia can be seen briefly in the Holby City winter trailer (Credit:BBC)

Zosia is seen briefly in the winter trailer for the show as she returns to the hospital to make sure Oliver Valentine is OK after he was shot.

“I’m not sure I can give him up again,” she says.

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Could this be a hint that Zosia is returning for good?

Zosia’s return might do something to cheer up fans who were left devastated when Raf died without anyone realising he had been shot.

Oliver is coping with brain damage after the shooting
Oliver is coping with brain damage after the shooting (Credit: BBC)

Raf left the show last week at the hands of Fredrik Johansson, son of the CEO of Holby City Hospital.

He was left to bleed to death after being shot with none of his colleagues realising he was missing while they dealt with the attack.

Zosia left her husband behind when she went to Yale (Credit: BBC)

But sadly by the time he was found it was too late.

Holby fans were devastated by the loss with one writing: “HOW COULD THEY KILL RAF OFF HOW COULD THEY.”

Another tweeted: “no no no no Raf my baby my heart hurts.”

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“They need an ambulance full of awards for this special. We bow to you all for this,” said a third.

Another wrote: “Absolutely outstanding acting from the cast and crew ! By far the best drama and needs more recognition!”

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