SHOCK! Is Brad Pitt battling a devastating mystery disease?

Actor spotted visiting infectious disease specialist's office

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Brad Pitt may have even more on his plate than a bitter divorce and child custody battle…

The star may also be secretly battling a mystery disease, according to RadarOnline.

The A-lister was spotted visiting the office of an infectious disease specialist in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, sources told the website.

“Brad arrives at the medical building very early in the morning,” an insider said.

“It’s before the office opens to receive other patients, likely so Brad won’t be recognized or seen by anyone. He comes in by 7:30 a.m and a staffer lets him in.”

The source added that one morning the 56-year-old arrived before the parking lot opened – and then tailgated a female employee into the premises.

“It was very early, and the building wasn’t open for business yet,” the source said.

“Brad waited outside in his car until a building employee pulled up, and used a card key that allowed her into the facility.

“When the security gate opened to let her in, Brad raced in behind her.”

The lady became suspicious as she had no idea who was driving the car and called security.

“Much to her surprise, it was Brad Pitt!” the source added. “A security guard rushed over and chewed out Brad for sneaking in behind another car. He got a real tongue-lashing!”

In October the FBI questioned Angelina – and his kids about the alleged incident on a flight where he and Maddox allegedly came to blows.

The Department of Child and Family services is also investigating the star.