SHOCK as Joe Pasquale endures painful intimate procedure LIVE on TV

The funnyman will clearly do anything to make people laugh and boost flagging ratings

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It looks like ITV’s troubled The Nightly Show has taken a leaf out of notorious 90s trash telly classic The Word in a desperate attempt to boost flagging ratings.

This week, show host Bradley Walsh challenge comedian Joe Pasquale to endure a series of tough assignments.

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On Monday, the poor fella was forced to have his nipple pierced on live TV, which had audience members squealing with glee.

But in Tuesday’s episode, the challenge was even tougher and viewers were truly horrified as they witnessed Joe undergo a particularly intimate procedure LIVE on TV.

Managing to crouch on all fours and still hold a microphone, Joe told viewers that he was about to bravely endure a back, sack and crack.

“As you can see I am out and about in town getting down with the kids and today I’m getting my youthful presence done in my bum area,” he told viewers.

“I’m having a back sack and crack – starting with my bum.”

As he braced himself for what was about to follow, he turned to the beautician and asked: “Is this going to hurt, love?” to which she cheekily replied: “Yes it will.”

Telling her to “Do your worst!”, the beautician then started to waxing away and had Joe letting out screams of pain.

As the beautician ripped off the was that had been applied to Joe’s sensitive area, the bespectacled star let out an agonising yell of pain.

The studio audience thought the whole skit hilarious while host Bradley could barely contain himself as he watched his comedy mate endure such a painful procedure.

Before cutting back to the studio, Joe said to the brave beautician, who had been intently working on his private parts: “It feels like you’ve pulled a badger out, love!” adding, “See you back at the studio. Hopefully. I might just lay down and put some ointment on.”

Shocked viewers were horrified by the sketch, with one summing up the general feeling among viewers it was “absolutely gross”.

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Another viewer reckoned Bradley Walsh must have blackmailed Joe into having the back, sack and crack wax, and asked, “Did Joe Pasquale sleep with Bradley’s Wife and this is his revenge?”

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