Shock as Jeremy Kyle guest tries to KICK heavily pregnant daughter

Violent scuffle causes Twitter meltdown

Murdered hamsters, graveyard sex and grannies fighting in wheelchairs – they’ve had it all on The Jeremy Kyle Show over the years.

But surely, none of those things were as shocking as what we witnessed on yesterday’s instalment of the ITV show.

All hell broke loose as an outraged mother tried to kick her heavily pregnant daughter live on air.

Bouncers moved in as the mum (in grey) tried to karate-kick her daughter (Credit: ITV)

The irate mum, Claire, accused her daughter Lisa of taking cocaine while being 26 weeks gone.

And after a war of words in the studio, the spat escalated backstage, climaxing in the older woman lashing out at her terrified offspring.

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Even a seasoned mediator like Kyle was shocked by the action, barking: “Did you try and kick her then? Did you? Oi, listen to me.”

As the show’s bouncers moved in, he warned: “I will have you, like, gone. You don’t kick out at her. If you have an argument to make, you make it verbally not physically. Do you understand?”

The startled daughter is comforted by a bouncer following the incident (Credit: ITV)

But if Kyle was shocked, that was nothing compared to the viewers at home, and the reaction on social media has been off the scale.

“Bit of a punchy bunch this morning especially the very loving mother trying to kick her pregnant daughter,” tweeted one observer.

Another predicted: “These three are gonna murder each other on the train home.”

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But not everyone took sides with the daughter.

One commentator exclaimed: “Horrible! I don’t care what her past is you DONT [sic] take cocaine, alcohol or smoke when your [sic] pregnant!”

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