Sherrie Hewson reveals men on dating sites send her naughty pics

She had a shock when looking for love.

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Sherrie Hewson got more than she bargained for when she tried online dating.

Hoping to meet some male members of dating websites… all she got was pictures of, er, male members. In other words, willies!

The Benidorm star says she was bombarded with pictures of men’s privates, which she might not have minded so much.

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But the Loose Women favourite revealed her shock when she was greeted with the lewd snaps of men’s genitals, some of which she said were “bent” and “funny colours”.

Sherrie said: “Well, I went online, but they sent me photos of penises! I went, ‘What’s that? Oh!’ I hadn’t seen one for so long! Some were bent, and funny colours.”

The 66-year-old does not have a good track record when it comes to dangly bits.

She says she was put off them for life after she caught a flash of Corrie co-star Ken Morley’s private parts during a wet and wild scene in the show.

Soap fans who miss Maureen and Reg Holdsworth on the street will remember the legendary moment in the water bed.

She said: “It was a fantastic scene. Reg was wooing Maureen, but we could only do one take because there was actually water in the bed.”

The bed popped, remember? Sending water across the bedroom.

“They said, ‘Whatever you do, just keep going, whatever you say, because it’s one take’. So I was under the cover, he had nothing on but a towel, so we’re running around and he dropped his towel.

“Well, that’s what has probably done me in for the rest of my life, the image of that thing staring at me! I will never get over that sight.”

Last year, Sherrie spoke about her terror at seeing her former cheating husband Ken Boyd again for the first time in 14 years. Their ‘reunion’ came on her daughter’s wedding day.

At the time, she said “I was sick that morning, I was so scared about facing Ken,” admits the actress.

“I thought I’d put everything to bed long ago – yet I was completely wrong-footed as 20 years of history flooded back.”

She admitted she was looking for love. “I’d love a companion. No one wants to be lonely. I hope Ken has found happiness too, I don’t know if he has someone. But most of all, yes – I’d love to find happiness for myself.”

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The actress admitted on Loose Women this week that she finds it “impossible” to meet someone but she would be interested in getting involved with a person who is “very rich”.

She said if she had the money she would set up an animal sanctuary.