Shayne Ward opens up on fatherhood and reveals how many kids he wants

The Corrie star says he wants a big family

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Now Corrie’s Eva Price knows her fiancé Aidan Connor has been cheating with her best mate Maria Connor, things are about to get very bad indeed for Aidan.

But in real life, actor Shayne Ward, who plays the factory boss, says he hopes the storyline doesn’t see him being written out of the show.

“I hope to stay. Please keep me!” he joked in an interview with Metro this week.

Eva knows and it’s all kicking off (Credit: ITV)

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“Don’t send me on a long holiday because he needs time to think! I think he will be in Weatherfield because he has his dad and sister. He wants to be around them – and I love it here.’

In spite of his desire to stay on the show, he admits that he is now enemy number one as far as viewers are concerned because of Aidan’s dodgy antics and has found himself on the receiving end of some trolling.

Shayne Ward says viewers have been trolling him because Aidan is such a bad boy (Credit: ITV)

“You get Twitter trolls, but I love the power of block,” he joked. “If someone trolls me, I take a picture of my finger on the block and write block underneath. I just think, figure it out. I ain’t got time for them.

“If I am going to write something back, I make it a humorous response that they’re not expecting.

“Then they say “I’m only joking, will you follow me?” Nah, you’re alright! It’s such a shame that people get trolled. There’s just no time for it, they’re just keyboard warriors.”

But trolls are the last thing on his mind.

Shayne says his daughter is his sole purpose in life (credit: Instagram)

Aside from carving out an award winning career as an actor, he is also taking fatherhood rather seriously.

He and ex-Hollyoaks star Sophie Austin – the Gloved Hand Killer Lindsey Butterfield – had Willow May last year.

“People could say I was born to sing but I think I was always born to be a dad.

Shane says he keeps joking he’d like to have seven kids with girlfriend Sophie (credit: Instagram)

“She’s wonderful, Willow May, she’s a beautiful girl, she’s just over six months.

“She’s on the rapid spins now, she’s just trying to crawl, but I absolutely love it, she’s wonderful.”

When asked whether he’d like to expand on his brood, he admits that in every interview his number of planned kids changes, which alarms his girlfriend, especially now she has a new job on the appropriately titled Call the Midwife!

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“Every time Sophie reads an interview and I’ve been asked a question about kids, I’m always giving different numbers on how many kids I want! She’s like ‘How many bloody kids do you want?!” he says.

“I always joke and say seven, because I’m one of seven. For me and her, if we’re blessed to have another two or three, that’d be great.

“We’ll see, but it depends on Soph as well because she’s an actress herself and I respect that she’s in the same industry.

“I back her 100% and if she wants to go back to filming then absolutely. It’s further down the line.”

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