Shayne Ward reveals why he doesn’t like girlfriend Sophie Austin watching Corrie

He's got a huge week coming up on the show

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Corrie star Shayne Ward has admitted that he doesn’t like his girlfriend and baby mama, Sophie Austin, watching his saucy scenes with co-stars Samia Longchambon and Catherine Tyldesley.

Shayne’s loved his character’s affair storyline (Credit: ITV)

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Shayne’s character, Aidan Connor, is currently embroiled in a love-triangle with Samia and Cath’s characters, Maria Connor and Eva Price.

He’s due to wed Eva this week, believing she’s preggers with his baby. But Eva is secretly planning revenge on him after discovering he’s been cheating on her with her best mate, Maria.

But there is more drama to unfold because now Maria knows that the baby is a lie and thinks Eva is trying to trap Aidan.

Yeah, it’s all happening.

Shayne admits that while he’s loved filming the scenes with his gorgeous co-stars, he isn’t over the moon about his girlfriend, former Hollyoaks star Sophie, watching them.

Shayne doesn’t like watching his sexy scenes with Sophie (Credit: Instagram)

He told The Sun: “I wouldn’t mind watching it with anyone else but you don’t want your partner sitting next to you.

“I know when a scene is coming up and she hasn’t got a clue — so when there’s a kiss coming up, I’m like, ‘Do you want a brew?’  Then I come back in afterwards.

“But I remember, I once  kissed Cath and Samia in the same ­episode. I walked back in and she was pulling a face. But she’s brilliant, she laughs about it.

“Of course, it’s not a nice feeling when you’re watching your partner kissing on screen and the boom mic picks up the sounds, ‘Mmmmm!'”

Hmmm…not sure we’d be quite as good-humoured as Sophie.

Shayne went on to say: “I’ve seen her snog people when she was in Hollyoaks.

“I know that happened before we got together, so it’s probably different, but at the end of the day she fully knows that you’ve got to make it believable.”

Shayne, as Aidan, puckering up with Maria (Credit: ITV)

Shayne, who’s played the knicker factory boss since 2015, also admitted that he’s had a lot of fun over the past year, and has done his very best, as an actor, to make the kissing scenes realistic.

He said: “I’m not going to complain. My character has had an affair for a year. It’s been a lot of fun.

“We’ve all seen screen kisses where they barely touch lips — it frustrates me, you’ve got to make it believable.

“I prefer a bit of tongue!”

Aaaaand Eva (Credit: ITV)

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How saucy?

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