Shayne Ward had the perfect response for a troll who called him ‘the fat one from Corrie’

He shut down the troll in style

Gorgeous Corrie star and all-round lovely man, Shayne Ward, has revealed his perfect comeback after an internet trol called him ‘the fat one from Corrie.’

Shayne’s been trolled over his body (Credit: ITV)

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Shayne’s taking part in Loose Women’s campaign about body confidence, Body Stories, and he got his kit off for the cause.

He revealed how he’s been cruelly targeted by online trolls for his figure, but says he can usually laugh it off because of his thick skin.

Shayne appeared live on today’s show from the Corrie set in Manchester and said how he was once offered steroids at a gym, and how lots of lads go for it because they want a quick fix.

He then read out some of the nasty comments he’s received on Twitter recently.

The actor said: “‘Shayne Ward has the XXL factor’ – good one.

“‘Shanye Ward is getting fat’ – that’s just called being content, happy and very much in love.

“And the best one is ‘I watched Corrie tonight and how the hell did the fat one pull the two hotties?’ I’d say with ease.”

In your face. Twitter troll!

But he’s got no time for trolls (Credit: ITV)

Shayne went on to add that most of the feedback he’s had has been amazing and that, thanks to the good old block button, he can silence the trolls easily.

He said: “It is strange. I was 21 when I won The X Factor and my body’s changed – I’m 32.

“I’ve never been one for the six pack. I enjoy my food and I like my cuddly figure for my little girl. You are pressured in this day and age, especially being on Corrie.

“You still get these trolls online giving abuse, which is why this campaign is just so important.”

He said of the campaign, which launched at the weekend: “Hopefully this campaign will give men the confidence to talk about body confidence issues, because a lot of it is thrown away as banter; “Ah you’ve got a bit of a belly,” “So have you mate.

“And then it’s done, but actually, once that conversation stops and someone starts to talk about something else, you’re left with that, thinking, actually I do feel like I’ve put on a bit of weight. This campaign is going to be brilliant for that.

He added: “I found the women’s version very sexy, because you look at all the different shapes and sizes and you could see how confident they all felt around each other, and that’s what it’s about.

Shayne likes his cuddly dad bod for his daughter (Credit: Instagram)

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“And that’s what it’s going to be like when you see the guys’ campaign.”

Robbie Savage, Bruno Tonioli, David Ginola, Dr Ranj and Robert Rinder all joined Shayne in stripping off for the campaign.

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