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Sharon Osbourne delivers a bit of harsh truth to X Factor contestants about life after the show

Winning X Factor isn't an automatic path to riches and fame

X Factor’s brand new series is well and truly underway which means by the time Christmas rolls around in just over three months’ time – yes, three months! – we’ll have a brand new winner.

And according to judge Sharon Osbourne, they should really make the most of their time in the limelight as fame will be fleeting.

Sharon is back as an X Factor judge this year [Credit: FameFlynet]

She’s never one to hold back or sugarcoat the truth so perhaps it’s no surprise Sharon, 64, rather bluntly doled out the truth about success after the show.

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According to The Sun, the music matriarch told US radio station Sirius XM: “They’ll do a single or an album, people will buy it and then they won’t buy another one, so it is dead and gone.”

She also reportedly said X Factor viewers are “invested in people” and personalities rather than singing, explaining: “They get invested in a couple of these contestants and they will see it through.”

Sharon has said she’s done with joke acts on the show [Credit: FameFlynet]

Sharon reportedly added that contestants’ fame died down by the time the next show rolled around, saying:  “There is another one and another one, it is sort of like candy.”

However, that’s not always the case, is it Mrs O?

Olly Murs, JLS, Alexandra Burke, Leona Lewis and Little Mix have all enjoyed successful and lengthy careers, not to mention One Direction pretty much blowing the roof of music history despite not even winning!

Matt Terry won the last series of X Factor and is still working on his debut album.

Sharon wants to find a true superstar [Credit: ITV]

Sharon has made it clear, however, that whatever may happen to acts after X Factor, her goal is to find a true superstar who has the potential to enjoy a long career.

She has vowed to ban joke acts this year following all the Honey G controversy last time around.

“I’m tougher this year,” she said.

“It’s everyone’s reputation on the line when you are sat there.

“When you’re backing someone, like backing a three-legged horse, it’s your reputation up there too at the end of the day. I’ve done my fair share of extreme characters, I just can’t do it again.”

Honey G was a controversial character last series [Credit: ITV]

And although she reportedly said some X Factor hopefuls would fade away after the show, she still believes winning X Factor or doing well can lead to big things.

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“There’s nothing like being a winner, I mean no one wants to be a loser and have no one in the Final,” she said.

“You just sit there like a spare part. Of course you want to win. So it’s difficult if you don’t have anyone in the Final.

“But as far as the acts go, coming second or third is just as good. If you have really got it, you’ll get a deal and your career will take off.”