Shane Richie says he DOES want to return to EastEnders after all

He says he's "definitely" interested in coming back as Alfie Moon!

Alfie Moon could be heading back to EastEnders after all, after actor Shane Richie said he was “definitely” interested in returning.

When it was first announced that Kat Moon was coming back to EastEnders, fans were curious about what had happened to her husband, Alfie.

Shane, who plays Kat’s hopeless husband, said he’d been asked to return but had turned down the chance in order to take a break from TV – and fans wondered if this meant the end of Alfie.

Mr and Mrs Moon left Walford together, and were last seen in spin-off show Redwater with Alfie in a bad way on the operating table having surgery for his brain tumour. Did Shane’s reluctance to return mean Alfie could have died?!

But now Shane has said he WOULD like to return to the show.

Speaking on the red carpet at last night’s premiere of Fast and Furious Live, Shane told SunOnline that he’d “definitely” like to return.

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“I have no idea what’s going on,” he said when asked if he could head back to EastEnders. “But yeah, definitely.”

He said that first he’s going to America to tour with a band. Shane’s a singer as well as an actor, and recently recorded an album of country music.

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Back when it was first announced that Kat would be returning, EastEnders insiders said there was always an opportunity for Shane to come back.

“Alfie’s still a much-loved character on the Square and bosses will always keep the door open,” they said.

Jessie Wallace, who plays Kat, recently started filming again. She posted a snap of Kat’s necklace on Twitter and fans were thrilled to know the sassy stallholder would soon be home.

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