EastEnders viewers up in arms over Woody’s shamefully sexist remark

He really went there and it wasn't cool

Woody Woodward alienated EastEnders fans last night when he made an insulting comment about fiancee Whitney being on her period.

Yep, he really went there.

Whitney sought solace at Stacey’s following Woody’s violent outburst at Moose the day before.

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But as she wondered whether he really was the right guy for her, Woody burst in and wanted to sort things out.

Stacey, well and truly on Whitney’s side, offered to throw him out, but Woody insisted he’d be heard.

“Babe, he was mugging me off, hitting on you,” he began.

Stacey interjected: “Mugging you off? You’re a typical man, making everything about you.”

“He was creeping on her, am I supposed to be all right with that? What kind of bloke would I be then?” Woody asked

“What am I supposed to say: ‘crack on son, fill your boots’?”

Whitney then spoke: “It’s not just about that, anyway.”

“Well what is it about?” he asked “You on your period, or something? Because that’s the only way I can make sense of it.”

Oh Woody, Woody, Woody. What an idiotic thing to say.

Stacey’s face said it all.

And fans were not happy with Woody’s comment, venting their fury at him on Twitter.

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Despite his really, really inappropriate comment, Whitney and Woody made up in the end.

But she later confided in Linda that he was treating her like she was his possession and she didn’t like it.

As she stated “I can’t marry someone like that”, are Whit and Woody heading for splitsville?

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