Saturday Kitchen host forced to apologise after guest chef swears

The kitchen king was left red-faced by filthy language

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When you’re busy working in the kitchen against the clock, you know it’s going to be stressful.

And normally when you’re on the edge, sometimes you let the stress get to you and you might end up saying something you shouldn’t.

Now it’s fine for most of us, as we are normally whipping up a dish in the privacy of our own homes, without millions of viewers watching on.

So you can imagine how embarrassed Saturday Kitchen cute Matt Tebbutt felt this morning after a fellow guest said a rude word LIVE on air!

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Celebrity chef Tom Kitchin accidentally muttered the offending word when the delicious-looking meringue cake Matt was making took a turn for the worse.

Matt and cake queen Mich Turner were fussing around the mouthwatering dessert when he appeared to run out of meringue mixture because he’d shot more of piping-load than he had expected.

Tom, who was sitting to the side and was clearly moved by the kitchen drama that was unfolding, uttered the swear word in exasperation.

Undeterred Matt continued decorating the cake and whilst doing so, issued an apology.

“Apologies for the bad language just then… Big apologies,” Matt said.

While it was a blink and you’d miss it moment, to didn’t stop bored viewers from Tweeting about it.

“Natural reaction when you’ve run out of meringue #saturdaykitchen,” and another added: “‘ Saturday Kitchen is blazing a new trail and bringing bad language to morning TV…”

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“All guests are briefed ahead of the programme to remind them they are taking part in a live broadcast and Matt apologised immediately,” a representative for the show needlessly told the press.