The secret to a healthy relationship has been revealed – and we’re not sure you’ll like it!

Sadly the way to his heart isn't through his stomach…

They say the couple who train together stay together, and new research certainly seems to prove that might just be true.

We must admit, we preferred that old adage that the way to a man’s heart was through his stomach, but it appears we may have to hit the gym with our beloved instead.

According to a survey by sporting equipment brand Decathlon, some 66% of Brits found that working out with their other half has improved their relationship.

Running is the third most popular form of exercise for couples to take part in (Credit: Unsplash)

It surveyed more 7,600 UK adults to try and discover the secret to a happy and healthy relationship.

Experts previously revealed that exercising with your partner increases your happiness with your relationship and can also increase your emotional bond and even help to make your partner fall in love with you.

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The new findings certainly back that up as 21% of those asked said getting all hot and sweaty while working out as a couple made them feel more attracted to their other half.

Elsewhere, 51% of those surveyed said exercising with their partner has had a positive impact on their relationship, while 53% say they enjoy spending quality time together – showing time spent in the gym or playing sport is still valuable time as a couple.

It seems the couple who train together stay together (Credit: Pexels)

According to 22% of those surveyed, hitting the gym with your significant other also means your spur each other on and tend to stay in better shape.

A similar number (21%) said exercising as a couple reduced their stress levels.

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Swimming (37%), a visit to the gym (29%) and running (24%) were the most popular sports that couples take part in together.

A large number say that working out together is having a positive impact on their relationship – meaning this could be the secret to being happy and healthy.

Decathlon’s Joshua Gutteridge said: “It’s interesting to learn that such a high proportion of Brits are exercising with their partners, especially when there are so many positive outcomes linked to working out as a pair.”

He added: “Having someone there to motivate you during your workout will push you to greater lengths and help you meet fitness goals faster.”

Hitting the gym with your partner is said to improve your attraction to each other (Credit: Pexels)

Joshua conceded: “But it’s not just the physical benefits that exercising as a couple is having, with a large number saying that working out together is having a positive impact on their relationship – meaning this could be the secret to being happy and healthy.”

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