Second lockdown: Brits joke day before new coronavirus restrictions is ‘like Christmas Eve’

England is braced for four weeks of lockdown

The second lockdown is upon us and Brits all over the country are taking the new coronavirus restrictions in their stride by having a laugh on social media.

On Thursday (November 5), England will go into a four-week lockdown amid rising cases of COVID-19.

As a result, non-essential shops will close and people will once again be unable to see friends and encouraged to stay at home.

England is braced for its second lockdown (Credit: Pexels)

Why was Christmas Eve trending and what does it have to do with lockdown?

But on Twitter this afternoon (Wednesday, November 4), Brits joked that today was a little like Christmas Eve – only without all the things that make December 24 one of the best days of the year. The term ended up trending on the website.

One Twitter user said: “This is like going to sleep on Christmas Eve if you weren’t sure you were going to wake up to a tree full of presents or an ice bath with a scar over your kidney and a note from Santa that says, ‘This year you give ME gifts’.”

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A second tweeted: “This is like Christmas Eve but when you wake up in the morning and run to the living room, instead of getting presents, you learn whether or not your parents are still alive.”

People have joked that Wednesday felt a lot like Christmas Eve (Credit: Pexels)

Like Christmas Eve – only you get coal rather than presents

A third wrote: “Feels like Christmas Eve except we’re all either getting coal or flaming dog [bleep].”

Another put: “It’s like Christmas Eve, except you’re hoping Santa doesn’t take a massive [bleep] down the chimney.”

Why does today feel like a really rubbish Christmas Eve?

“It’s like Christmas Eve today,” said a fifth. “Except instead of having a nice day with your family and watching the Great Escape tomorrow, you’re going to be locked up with your family watching three men in ill-fitting suits lying to you for the next six weeks.”

“Anyone else getting big Christmas Eve vibes today?” someone else asked.

Another joked: “It’s like Christmas Eve, but waking up to a Christmas Day where your mum has forgotten to get any food in and your dad’s left her for a month-long ‘business trip’.”

The jokes rolled in on Twitter, where the term Christmas Eve was trending (Credit: Pexels)

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“Why does today feel like a really rubbish Christmas Eve?” one Twitter user asked.

“Does kinda feel like Christmas Eve but instead of waking up buzzing for presents and peng food, you’re waking up to absolutely nothing,” tweeted another.

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