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Monday 23rd September 2019

Former Corrie star Sean Ward reveals he partly blames the soap for his addiction issues

He has received lots of support from fans

Sean Ward developed alopecia as a result of his porn addiction and has said his role on Coronation Street was partly to blame.

The former Coronation Street actor - who played the role of Weatherfield villain Callum Logan on the ITV soap until 2015 - revealed on Thursday's (January 10) Loose Women that when he found fame on the soap he felt lonelier than ever.

Sean appeared on Loose Women (Credit: YouTube/Loose Women)

Admitting he was away a lot working on Our Girl as well, he revealed he did "get lonely" and "realise who your friends are" and that's when it started to "unravel".

When Andrea McLean then questioned whether he meant finding fame was the key, he replied:

"Yeah, the more people I met when I got in Corrie, the lonelier I got, weirdly."

Saira Khan asked if addiction was something new to him since being on Coronation Street or whether it was something he'd always had, to which he said:

"Half and half. I think any creative in this kind of industry has ups and downs, the highs and the lows."

I started losing weight just loads of things that kind of go with it that you don't really expect.

Sean has revealed it was half the result of fame that caused his issues (Credit: ITV)

He also spoke about his hair loss and weight loss as a result of his porn addiction and how he used to use his "mum's mascara to colour it in".

"It just depletes all of it, I think it's different for men because of the energy that is released through it, I started getting alopecia you just have no actual energy.

"I started losing weight just loads of things that kind of go with it that you don't really expect. I normally used my mum's mascara to colour it in."

As well as quitting porn, the 30-year-old soap star has also stopped consuming alcohol and cannabis to help him overcome depression.

Sean played Callum Logan on Coronation Street (Credit: YouTube/ITV)

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Since going public with his problems, Sean has been overwhelmed by the "amazing" reaction on social media as he has received "thousands of messages" from supportive fans.

He said: "A lot of people have messaged me again, social media is a double-edged sword I've had a lot of response and it's amazing.

"I can't even keep up with the thousands of messages so to everyone that has messaged me I have read them but I can't get back to you."

He spoke about his addictions (Credit: YouTube/Loose Women)

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Sean also confessed that his relationship suffered as a result of his issues, as he was no longer looking after his "ex-partner's needs" and he was forced to "lock away" his phone to prevent himself from looking at pornography.

He said: "I think I had to leave the relationship I was in I wasn't really looking after my ex-partner's needs which is one thing that I kind of realised. There was no intimacy. It's just pixels on a screen, you're never gonna get love from that, it's the hardest thing for me sometimes I would like not take my phone to bed you have to lock it away in a way."

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