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Saturday 8th August 2020

Screaming Piers Morgan red-faced as he mocks Konnie Huq’s meltdown

He's back and on full steam

The inimitable Piers Morgan always takes a great deal of pleasure out of making fun of people having meltdowns on live television, and he seems to enjoy it even more when that person is a supposed 'remoaner'.

It was only Piers' second day back after his lengthy summer holiday, and he was already shouting on Good Morning Britain, yet this time he was mimicking Konnie Huq who ended up getting rather shouty on yesterday's episode of The Jeremy Vine Show.

The former Blue Peter presenter was on the Channel 5 programme debating whether the UK should leave the European Union on October 31st or not even without a deal.

Konnie Huq on The Jeremy Vine Show (Credit: Channel 5)

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She ended up coming up with a metaphor on the show and the whole thing just got a bit out of hand.

She asked her fellow guest panellist, English journalist and radio presenter Mike Parry, whether he would still vote Brexit if everybody would end up getting their heads chopped off.

"Mike, would you want Brexit to happen now if suddenly the new term was that everybody's head gets chopped off?!"

Piers and fellow GMB presenter, Susanna Reid, watched the clip on this morning's programme, and Piers took the opportunity to mock Konnie's outburst by imitating her.

Piers then shouted: "You'll have your head chopped off! If you vote Brexit! You'll have your head chopped off."

Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid on Good Morning Britain (Credit: ITV)

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They've all lost their head! The world's gone nuts.

Susanna seemed to find Piers' little performance to be rather amusing as she chuckled alongside her co-host.

Piers then finally stopped and began to laugh himself and claimed: "They've all lost their head! The world's gone nuts."

Viewers then took to Twitter to comment on Piers' outburst and safe to say, their reactions were mixed.

One person tweeted: "Funniest thing I'll see today, welcome back Piers."

They've all lost their head! The world's gone nuts.

However, another person wasn't so taken with Piers' performance on the programme, tweeting: "He’s the embarrassment, attention-seeking as ever. Picking on an ethnic minority woman, again."

However, a third person added: "Piers is off again, but we like it!!"

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