Scotty T reveals the REAL reason why he left his panto so suddenly

And it wasn't because he was ill!

It’s not been an easy time for Scotty T recently, as he takes his first delicate steps in the acting world.

Okay, so he’s only been starring in panto in sunny Leeds and NOT some Hollywood blockbuster, but he’s still had to endure a bit of a tough experience that has left him shaken.

No sooner had he started treading the boards and his acting skills were called into serious question by paying audiences.

And according to reports, many audience members were so horrified by his inadequate thespy skills as Prince Charming in Snow White that they booed him, while some went as far as walking out of the theatre.

Now the wannabe actor has released a statement explaining why he has quit the production – and says it’s not actually due to ill health.

Scott alleges that he’s only received 10 per cent of his fee and even claims he even lent “the production over £7000 to cover accommodation and flooring for the venue”.

He went on to claim that the White Rose Productions Company, the folks behind the pantomime, have given him  “false promises of payment,” and that “they had not planned any method of payment.”

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He added:  “In my view, this whole production has been a scam with no funds for wages from day one and false promises delivered from the directors about funds.”

In spite of his anger directed at his panto bosses, he also took time to say sorry to fans, writing: “I would like to apologise to everyone who has purchased tickets for the event and I’m so sorry that I will no longer be a part of this performance.”

“I am sad that I have not been able to finish my commitment to the rest of the cast.

“I apologise to anyone who was hoping to see me in the performance, but I hope you understand my reasons.”

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