Scotty T reveals what really happened with Katie Price

Edge of seat revelation from the Geordie Shore star alert

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Gosh, you’d think Scotty T had a book out or something, the amount of time he’s been chinwagging of late.

Earlier this week, the Geordie Shore star revealed he had previously helped a one night stand have an abortion.

Now he has finally revealed what REALLY happened with Katie Price the night he was spotted sneaking into a hotel. But is it as juicy story as you’d expect it to be?

Er, read to Scott’s story and decide for yourself.

“[Katie] had a show on at the Hilton and she was like, ‘I really need a sunbed in Newcastle.’” the Toon Town Casanova told The Sun.

“And my mate Sam Jones owns a salon called Longlox, and I took them there because I know it’s private and there’s only one sun bed and it literally blows your face off.

“So I thought I’d take them there because I can get it for free. I took them there, her and her pal, and then I took them straight back.

“So I said, ‘I’m going to have to go straight to the gig because I won’t have time to go to my hotel and get ready,’ so I was like, ‘Can I just get changed in your room?’

“So I got changed but she was getting her hair and make-up done by her pals and her manager was in the room and stuff as well, and that was it.”

Oh! So that was it. What a let down, eh? And there we were hoping for a big revelation. Oh well.

However, Scott, who claims to have slept with over a 1000 women, says he does fancy Katie and would have b**ged her if she wasn’t married.

“I know I’m bad, but I’m not that bad,’ he confessed. ‘I don’t sleep with married women. If she was single, aye, you never know!”

Scotty also revealed that he and Katie are still mates and text regularly, admitting:

“We’re still in touch, I speak to her now and then. She’s just really busy, like, it was just more speaking about that because it was all blown up.

“I don’t regret anything, me.”

And why should he, eh?

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