Scotty T reveals he’s got a secret new girlfriend…

Geordie Shore stud already has a new girlfriend after recent split

Scotty T has always said that his job on Geordie Shore comes before love, but now he has revealed that he has a new girlfriend.

Back in February he split from his long termer, Francesca Toole, after struggling to balance his relationship with his work on the vulgar reality show.

Now Scotty says he is “in love” with his new girlfriend, who is a dancer.

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Despite the fact he is as wild as they come, he says he’s in love with this new girl because she’s not “rowdy” like Francesca.

“My new girlfriend never goes out and she is chilled out as well,” Scotty told The Sun.

“She does a dance school and she lives in London.

“With Francesca it was like “let’s go out and into town”, she was rowdy and she was trying to act like me but I don’t need that.

Speaking about the kind of girl he does need, he said: “Someone who is the opposite to me. I need someone to bring me down a bit.

“I am doing my thing and my new girlfriend is the perfect girl for me. I am in love with her.

“She is my best mate as well, I am not interested in going out any more because I have come away from all of that.”

Opening up about how they both met, he added: “She had a boyfriend for years and I met her in panto.

“I love the fact that I can go and see her and I am not thinking about going out on the [razz].”

Scotty had previously said of Francesca that she was the woman he wanted to marry.

But over time he said that Francesca had tried to “mess his head up” and “control” him.

“Women want to control me and the last person that did that was Francesca. She messed my head up” he said.

“The way she was going on – it was a big mess and I realised when I broke up with her how much life was easier.”

The Celebrity Big Brother winner also said that was determined to quit partying and get his life together and “grow up”.

“I am starting to be a lot more organised and grown up,” he said.

“Something daft always happens but I think that is part of me… I don’t care what anyone says about me.

“You can’t let what people say about you get to you.

“I always get myself worked up sometimes and I get myself in a bad mood and then I snap out of it.”

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