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Schools may have to close again for second lockdown to work, warns SAGE expert

It may be unavoidable, predicts one expert

Schools may have to close again, a SAGE expert has warned.

This comes just a day after Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced a second lockdown shall commence from next Thursday onwards.

Sir Jeremy Farrar has argued that the new lockdown may not work if schools remain open.

Johnson stated that schools and universities shall remain open, but all non essential shops and businesses must close to the public.

Sir Farrar said on the BBC’s Andrew Marr show: “The big difference to the first lockdown is that schools remain open.

Children would be forced to learn from home again if schools close (Credit: Unsplash)

Will schools really close again?

“Because we have delayed the onset of this lockdown, it does make keeping schools open harder.

“We know that transmission particularly in secondary schools is high.

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“Personally, I think this is definitely the lockdown to put in place now.

“But if that transmission particularly in secondary schools continues to rise, then that may have to be revisited in the next four weeks in order to get R below 1 and the epidemic shrinking.”

He also implored children of secondary school age to wear a face mask at school.

schools close
Should schools close again? (Credit: Unsplash)

Do school children have to wear face masks?

The medical researcher explained: “When you wear a mask you’re essentially protecting other people if you are infected and asymptomatic at the time.

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“I think masks can play a role in that within the environment that are schools.”

However, cabinet minister Michael Gove has said that schools will remain open regardless.

Meanwhile the National Education Union is demanding for schools to close during the upcoming lockdown.

General secretary Kevin Courtney said in a statement: “The government should include all schools in proposals for an immediate national lockdown and as a minimum be preparing for school rotas at the end of that period.

“It is clear from ONS (Office for National Statistics) data that schools are an engine for virus transmission.

“It would be self-defeating for the government to impose a national lockdown, whilst ignoring the role of schools as a major contributor to the spread of the virus.

“This would be likely to lead to the need for even longer lockdowns in the future.”

Over on Twitter hundreds of additional Brits have been calling for schools to close.

In fact, the hashtag #CloseTheSchools is one of the highest trending terms of the weekend.

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