Scarlett Moffatt breaks down in tears after receiving letter from stranger calling her ‘fat’ with ‘pork-chop mouth’

If you haven't got anything nice to say…

Former Gogglebox star Scarlett Moffatt has revealed that hate mail calling her “fat” and saying she has a “pork-chop mouth” has been sent to her home.

Uploading a picture of the note to Instagram, Scarlett first took to her Stories to laugh off its contents.

However, she returned to the platform to tell her followers that she was actually really upset by the vile piece of post.

Scarlett has made an emotional plea to her followers to “be kind” after she received hate mail at her home (Credit: Splash News)

“So I was going to just pretend that I wasn’t bothered, but I think it’s important that I show you that I actually am,” said a clearly emotional Scarlett.

“I’ve had quite a hard couple of weeks in terms of press and not nice comments on my Instagram and I feel like the letter – as funny as it is that someone’s gone out of their way to send a letter – it has actually bothered me quite a bit,” she said.

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“Like wow, you actually feel that strongly about how I look you’ve sat down and wrote a letter.”

Scarlett revealed that the reason she was posting the videos was “so that you can see that you just need to be kind”.

I feel like sometimes with Instagram and people on telly you sort of think we’re not real life people, but we actually are and we have feelings.

She said: “You don’t know what’s going on in people’s lives. I am just a person, I’m someone’s daughter, I’m someone’s girlfriend, I’m someone’s sister, I have feelings.”

She added: “I feel like sometimes with Instagram and people on telly you sort of think we’re not real-life people, but we actually are and we have feelings.”

Revealing that she had been “inundated with lovely messages”, the star told her followers: “I can’t thank you enough because I needed those.”

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She also told her fans of her plans for the rest of the day.

Scarlett said: “So I’m going to spend the day doing what I love, which is spending it with my boyfriend and eating carbs and watching fun stuff on the telly.”

Ending her emotional message, she said: “I just need you all to be a little kinder because you just don’t know what’s going on in people’s lives, so let’s make a little pledge to spread joy.”

The letter contained personal insults directed at Scarlett (Credit: Splash News)

She added: “And if you haven’t got anything nice to say, just don’t voice it. The world would be a little bit easier if that was the case.”

Scarlett recently moved in with her boyfriend Scott Dobinson.

She also responded to backlash about her recent Channel 4 show The British Tribe Next Door, which some described as “poverty porn”.

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