Scarlett Moffatt wows fans with new hair cut

Wine + scissors = Brave girl.

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When you have gorgeous flowing locks, it’s a scary decision to think about having the chop.

But we reckon you should take the advice of TV starlet Scarlett Moffatt, who has come up with a clever way of easing the pain.

One, to drink copious amounts of wine.

And secondly, date someone who knows what they are doing – i.e., a barber.

Today the Streetmate superstar has unveiled a stunning new look.

We all know Scarlett for her flowing long locks (Credit: Instagram)

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In the pic posted on Instagram, she has revealed her shortest hairstyle yet to her 1.5million fans.

“Talk about being impulsive,” she wrote.

“Eeeek shortest hair I’ve ever had! I’ve gone for the bob!”

Scarlett looks amazing with her new short bob! (Credit: Instagram)

“Decided last night at 10pm after a glass of wine and got the boyfriend to cut it for me. #bob #newhair #shorthair.”

Needless to say her fans loved the new look.

One gushed: “You look so different.”

Another said: “Looks so lovely and shiny. It really suits you.”

A third giddy Moffatt-maniac commented: “It soooo suits you!!!! Much better than before!!”

Even boyfriend Luke love his work (Credit: Instagram)

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While Scarlett and her fans were happy with the new look, boyfriend Luke also seemed pretty happy with his handiwork.

“Not bad for a lad who hasn’t cut hair in months,” he wrote.  “Glad you like it baby!”

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