Scarlett Moffatt hits back at online trolls over unkind jibes

The Queen of the jungle has had enough of the comments

Scarlett Moffatt has had enough of people saying that they think she’s lost too much weight.

The Gogglebox star has completely transformed her figure and career for that matter, and she’s loving life.

Scarlett’s managed to go down four dress sizes, but there are a few critics out there so say she’s too gaunt.

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Whilst appearing on the TV panel show The Wright Stuff, she told host Matthew Wright: “People forget because they can’t see me on the tele, but I am only five foot – I am only meant to have a small frame!”

The I’m A Celebrity Queen revealed that she has been imnundated with abuse on social media since she had her health kick in 2016.

There was one particular photo on Instagram that stirred the nation with people labelling her as ‘gaunt’.

The pictures shows her with a face of make-up and shows off her slim figure.

Talking about the photo she said: “Apparently if you’ve got a big forehead you’re intelligent so I put it up as a joke but people were like ‘you’ve gone too far'”

One person commented on her Instagram pic saying: “This actually scares me. I think you lost too much weight.”

Another added: “Beautiful but please don’t lose any more weight. Everyone loves you just the way you are.”

The hilarious star also made an appearance on Sunday Brunch to talk about her weight loss and fitness DVD, which is currently at number three on the Amazon bestsellers list.

There have also been hundreds of fans that thanked 26-year-old for being an “inspiration”

Another added: “Absolutely stunning. An inspiration to all young girls out there, not for your weight loss for your amazing personality.”

Scarlett has also revealed that she really didn’t have much choice in losing the weight as a doctor told her to lose it.

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On This Morning she said: “I asked him, “I’m not overweight am I?”‘ and he said: “No, you’re obese!”‘ she recalled.

“My BMI was a dark red colour and the hardest thing was explaining to my mum and dad. I had to be tested for pre-diabetes. I thought, ‘I’m 25, how have I got to this?'”

Motivating others to do the same, she said: “It’s hard but it’s only an hour out of your day.

“I hate the gym and everyone knows I love my front room but it can be done.”