Scarlett Moffatt expresses excitement over whole new set of TEETH

The star was subjected to bullying at school over her appearance

Geordie beauty Scarlett Moffatt has expressed her excitement as she plans to undergo a new transformation and get a whole new set of gnashers.

The former Gogglebox star opened up about dealing with bullies when she was a child after a horror car accident left her teeth black.

But now with her career going from strength to strength she can finally have the sparkling white smile she’s always wanted.

The star is set to have a whole new set of teeth following a car accident when she was 11 (Credit: Instagram)

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She told her fans: “I’m gonna cry finally in a month after 11 years after my accident I’ll have new teeth.”

The bubbly presenter was 11 when she was knocked off her bike by a car and smashed her teeth.

Following the accident the star had to have temporary teeth caps but now she will apparently have permanent caps.

Speaking of the accident Scarlett, 26, said: “I was on my bike when I was 11 and a car hit me. The nerves had gone, so I had black teeth at the front.”

The Northern lass went on to explain that after the incident she was subjected to horrific bullying and it really effected her confidence.

“So I had black teeth as well as a monobrow, and I was a little bit chubby, and then half my face was on the slide,” she added.

The accident left Scarlett’s teeth black and knocked her confidence (Credit: FameFlynet)

Talking about overcoming her bullying experience she said: “I knew I had to make friends. Once I moved school and puberty hit over the six-weeks holiday, all of a sudden I got boobs, my mam let me wax my eyebrows and I went and got my hair done.

“I just had this new-found confidence.”

“Being bullied made me realise that people will like you or not like you anyway, so you might as well be yourself and say exactly what you think,” she added.

Last year she told The Sun: “If I hadn’t had those experiences at school, then I probably wouldn’t be here.

“If I had just tried to fit in, I wouldn’t be the weirdo that I am now.”

She said: “The way the school dealt with it was that, 10 minutes before the end of the day, I was allowed to leave early so I didn’t get beat up.

The presenter opened up about her awful bullying ordeal (Credit: Instagram)

“I would just walk around Asda’s car park until three o’clock or up until the time I was meant to come home.

“I just felt so embarrassed to tell my mum and dad.

“I would pretend to my parents that I loved school.

“Sometimes I would sit in the toilets at breaks just so I didn’t have to wander around the playgrounds on my own.”

But now it seems Scarlett has had the last laugh and she’s gone on to be a much-loved TV personality on our screens.

Earlier this year the Queen of the Jungle revealed the revenge she got on a cruel bully.

Scarlett has definitely had the last laugh and is now a much-loved TV personality (Credit: FameFlynet)

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Scarlett explained that she was shopping in Asda when she bumped into one of the mean girls who made her school days terrifying, during an interview with You magazine.

She said: “She came up to me all smiling and friendly and told me her two little girls thought she was the coolest mum because we’d been friends at school.

“Usually I’d just smile and walk away. But I had this memory of her coming into school and wearing fake teeth after I’d had my bike accident and doing a really horrid impression of me.”

She added: “I told her that we’d never been friends and that she’d been a bully who had destroyed my confidence and ruined my time at school.

“I told her I hoped her two daughters would never go through what I’d gone through or have to deal with anyone like her”.

She added: “I put down my basket, walked out of there and felt like cheering.”

Good for her.

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