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Scarlett Moffatt admits she’d ‘never say never’ to a return to Gogglebox

She 'pinches herself' that this is her life

Scarlett Moffatt has exclusively revealed she wouldn’t rule out a return to Gogglebox – the show that made her a household name.

She became a regular cast member alongside her family in March 2014 and left the show after being crowned queen of the I’m A Celebrity jungle in 2016.

However, speaking in a new interview today (January 29), Scarlett has revealed she’d “never say never” to a return to the show.

Scarlett Moffatt at an event
Scarlett Moffatt hasn’t ruled out a return to Gogglebox – the show that made her famous (Credit: Splash News)

What did Scarlett Moffatt say about returning to Gogglebox?

Scarlett said she knows it’s a “cliche” but she can’t believe this is her life – and it all started Gogglebox.

“I know it’s cliche, but every day – even on a bad day – I pinch myself and can’t believe this is my life.

“I’m so grateful to everyone that supports me, I don’t think people realise how much happiness they bring even just by sending me a little Instagram message or saying hi when I’m doing the big shop.”

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Asked if she’d return to the show that made her famous, Scarlett didn’t say no…

I know it’s cliche, but every day – even on a bad day – I pinch myself and can’t believe this is my life.

“Never say never. I still do watch TV and chat non-stop – much to the annoyance of Scott,” she said of her boyfriend Scott Dobinson.

“Although I would say I’m less critical now after actually being in the TV industry. I love watching Gogglebox, it’s like a talking TV guide,” she added.

Scarlett is a great believer in being kind to herself and body positivity (Credit: Splash News)

Suffering at the hands of trolls

So if she could go back in time, what would Scarlett say to her younger, not-so-wise self?

“Bullies are like sandpaper,” she told us. “The more they wear you down, the more polished you become!”

And she should know, the star has suffered at the hands of trolls more than most over the years.

As such, Scarlett is also a great believer in going easy on herself and, as such, has teamed up with Go Ahead on its new Snaccident helpline.

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So, if you’ve fallen foul of the treat cupboard, simply pick up the phone and give Scarlett a call.

She’s working with the brand to give the nation’s snackers a little lockdown boost.

Having had her weight scrutinised over the years, does Scarlett think people are too hard on themselves when it comes to their bodies?

Massively!” she admits.

“We have all been guilty of looking in the mirror and being harsh on our own bodies. I always say if you wouldn’t say it to your best friend, don’t say it to yourself in the mirror.”

Scarlett Moffatt go ahead promo
Scarlett doesn’t think twice when it comes to treating herself (Credit: Go Ahead)

Scarlett says people ‘deserve’ to snack in lockdown

She also said that, at the moment, people “deserve” to snack.

“Life is difficult as it is, and we need to enjoy the small pockets of peace we get. If that’s snacking then so be it. We deserve it,” she said.

She added that she doesn’t even give it a “second thought”, should she reach for the snacks.

Scarlett admitted: “I just don’t even give it a second thought, these things shouldn’t consume us.”

Gogglebox favourite Scarlett finally has her ‘happy ever after’

One thing that is all-consuming at the moment though is her house renovation.

Scarlett and Scott have just completed on an idyllic home and, when asked if they’re looking forward to building a home and a family together, she admits they “can’t stop smiling”.

“Me and Scott can’t stop smiling, although if I’m totally honest with you it’s quite stressful.

“I don’t think I’ve written so many lists in my life – I’ve even got a list on what lists I need to write a list on!”

Scarlett and Scott have been getting on famously, it seems, so has the TV favourite finally found her “happily ever after”?

“10000%!” she exclaimed.

“Who knew that the key to a happy relationship is falling in love with your best friend?!”

Scarlett most certainly seems in a good place, despite admitting the third national lockdown “feels longer than the other two”.

“My way of staying positive is reminding myself that every time I go to bed, I am one day closer to normality, and one day closer to a bottomless brunch with the girls,” she quips.

Scarlett has teamed up with Go Ahead to launch the National Snaccident Hotline, providing uplifting messages on how to bounce back from a ‘non-fault snaccident’ during lockdown. For a motivational message from Scarlett, call Go Ahead’s Snaccident Hotline on 0808 196 5036.

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