Piers Morgan says he knows the real reason “ridiculous” John Lewis Christmas ad made Charlotte Hawkins cry

It didn't move him

Good Morning Britain broadcast the much-anticipated John Lewis Christmas ad on Friday when Piers Morgan wasn’t co-hosting the show.

So the outspoken journalist weighed in with his opinion on it today – and the retail giant probably wishes he kept his mouth shut.

Piers said he was not impressed with the “ridiculous” advert starring “Moz The Monster” which he felt was devoid of any sentiment.

He said: “It wasn’t moving at all. It was terrible. I used to be a big fan of the John Lewis Christmas ad but the last few years they have been absolute turkeys.”

One person who was moved though was Piers’ co-star Charlotte Hawkins who was reduced to tears when she saw the clip.

“I’m sorry, Christmas ads always get to me, just move on,” she sobbed at the time.

Today, Piers slammed her emotional reaction without holding back with his own.

“No human being on this earth could watch that ridiculous ad and feel emotional,” he told her. “It was a complete turkey. It was cynical, ridiculous and unemotional.”

He then revealed the real reason why he thought Charlotte was so upset.

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He told her: “You weren’t weeping over Moz The Monster, you were weeping because basically you were still drunk, weren’t you?”

He added: “You were emotional because it’s ended on Strictly.”

Charlotte, who was voted off Strictly weeks ago, admitted she had enjoyed a good night out before she watched the ad but she denied she was still tipsy.

“I wasn’t still drunk,” she said. “I had been out with my colleagues to the ITV Gala and it was an important night out.”

Explaining why the ad made her cry, she said: “Christmas ads always get to me, I was getting into the spirit of things.”

Meanwhile, Piers had a Christmas present that could made Charlotte cry again – his own Christmas album.

The show ran a poll last week and 23% of viewers said they would buy it.

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But Piers wasn’t very impressed with the mock album cover that had been created as it was missing an apostrophe.