Saucy Robbie Williams BANNED from the internet!

His filthy tale managed to offend the easily offended.

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Robbie Williams has landed himself in hot water after a telling so saucy and shocking, it appalled viewers.

A couple of weeks ago during an appearance on The Graham Norton Show with Justin Timberlake, Daniel Radcliffe and Anna Kendrick, the cheeky pop sar regaled a saucy tale of how a stranger – who he thought was a cleaner but actually turned out to be a woman from a local pub – pleasured him in the bedroom of his rented castle.

The clip of the story was then posted online and went viral in seconds. However, the X-rated memory supposedly offended so many viewers – and an MP –  that the BBC felt obliged to remove from the internet ASAP!

“They have taken it down, they have taken it off,’ a disappointed Robbie has said. “Because it’s the BBC and there were complaints. I think there are MPs asking questions.”

But it wasn’t just Robbie’s fans who were left slack-jawed upon hearing the filthy tale. So too was his mum, Janet!

“My dad didn’t say anything,” he laughed. “but my mum sent me an email like five days later which was like, ‘I saw you on Graham Norton I thought you were very funny.’

“I was like, ‘Oh so that’s been acknowledged… Oh OK, that’s cool.’”

But funnyman Robbie isn’t ashamed of what he said – and why should he? He’s a hoot!

In fact, the outspoken and hilarious pop star actually thinks he made the right decision to tell  what was actually a tame story that left only the easily offended and professional moaners aghast!

“I have very much learned with the Graham Norton thing, with the story I told on there.

“So many TV shows were unmemorable, nobody really remembers performances on the Brits.

“Unless you fall over, like MADONNA, nobody really remembers it. And I kind of realised it early on.

“You had to do something and say something that’s memorable, that sticks out. People are still talking about that moment now so, ‘Tick!’”

And when it comes to flogging albums and keeping one step ahead of you rivals, isn’t that what it’s all about, eh? Of course it is. Keep up the filthy good work Robbie. We love ya!