Saturday Night Takeaway fans left confused after technical error

Many thought the hosts had messed up

Ant and Dec left Saturday Night Takeaway viewers confused when they failed to announce who had won the ads.

Every week one audience member is selected to play the game where they answer questions to win prizes from the adverts.

And as well as the person in the studio, one player from home also has the chance to win £1000. Ant and Dec usually reveal who’d be getting that prize during the show.

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The game was played as normal with Lisa taking on the questions. But when Ant and Dec didn’t mention the at home winner, fans took to Twitter to express their confusion.

“Who won the ads if played at home?” asked Michelle Leggett. And Lady Ang asked the same thing “Didn’t see a winner announced?” she queried.

“Was the winner announced for the at home winner for play the ads?” asked sian ralph, with I love hills asking “so who won”?

Christine Macleod was hoping she was in with a chance, saying “I’m sitting here sweating cos I got 7 right so I could be mega rich.”

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Explaining what had happened, the show’s official Twitter account later revealed there had been a “technical issue” meaning some people couldn’t enter the competition. But it was still unclear as to whether that meant there wasn’t going to be a winner at all.

The show had got off to a great start when Dermot O’Leary took part in I’m A Celebrity… Get Out of my Ear!

The X Factor presenter was in a supermarket and he had to do whatever Ant and Dec were telling him to do in his ear piece.

As well as climbing in trolleys, he was stealing people’s food, and shouting “beep” through a megaphone at the checkout.

Viewers deemed it “the best ever” as they were in stitches at his hilarious antics.

ITV posted the full video of his brilliant prank to their Twitter so we can enjoy it again and again.

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