Saturday Kitchen viewers upset after misreading guest’s jumper

It was all a big mix up

Some Saturday Kitchen fans were left a little disturbed by the slogan on guest Amy MacDonald’s jumper yesterday.

The Scottish singer’s hair was covering up part of what it said and there were viewers who thought it read something completely different to what it actually said.

The top actually read: “Dear Baby”, but the ‘r’ of the “dear” was obscured by the songstresses tumbling locks.

The unfortunate hair placement meant some viewers thought it read “Dead Baby”, and they were not impressed.

“Didn’t wardrobe pick up on Amy MacDonald’s sweater?” Tweeted @Deanmedmunds. “Looks like it’s saying Dead Baby? Inappropriate??”

Another added: “I don’t know who this Scottish girl on #SaturdayKitchen is but even if metal, having Dead Baby on jumper a bit much for this hour innit?”

While a third tweeted: “What is the jumper @amy_mcdonald is wearing?”

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The blunder was bad timing following Ricky Gervais’s “dead baby joke”, for which he had refused to apologise.

But most people realised the jumper Amy was wearing wasn’t offensive at all.

“Loved ur jumper on Saturday kitchen. People are overly sensitive nowadays” @CelticKaytee tweeted the star.

While @Angrypeanut4 added “I’m thinking Amy’s jumper reads ‘Dear Baby'”.

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A lot of viewers’ minds were taken off the jumper debacle by chef Tommy Banks, who had many swooning!

@sherb_clarke said “Without a doubt the best dish on this mornings show will actually be Tommy Banks… Swoon!”

@funky_seema added he is “quite a dish”, and @Vivatroners described him as “the absolute dream”

Well, it is nice to have a bit of eye candy to start the weekend off right, isn’t it?!

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