Saturday Kitchen viewers ‘turn off’ as guest Geri Horner can’t keep her mouth shut!

Guess whether she was served up her heaven or hell dish...

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Geri Horner jokingly asked if she had “ruined” Saturday Kitchen by talking too much, meaning host Matt Tebbutt was unable to interview her.

The Spice Girls star was the guest on the BBC programme and left viewers largely amused at how talkative she was throughout.

Geri, 44, showed off a chatty demeanour on the weekly food programme, but Matt later mentioned to her that he had failed to ask her any of his prepared questions.

Saturday Kitchen
Geri was in chatty mood (Credit: BBC)

Matt said, holding up his flash card: “Look at all these questions, I’ve got all these questions to ask!”

Geri apologised, adding: “Have I ruined your show?”

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The singer then addressed the camera directly, quipping: “It is hard being a presenter and he’s got someone in his ear, telling him what to do.

“He’s got to cook, he’s multi-tasking like we women do.”

Urging viewers to take part in the vote, in which they would choose if Geri would eat a dish made from her food heaven or food hell, Matt referred to her conversational style once again.

He said: “Geri’s fate is down to you at home. If you liked that interview, go heaven.

“If you thought she talked too much over the top of it, go hell!”

But it was all in good fun, as Matt tweeted about Geri after the show: “Love love her.”

Viewers were torn over Geri’s stint in the kitchen studio, taking to Twitter in their droves.

However, for some Geri’s animated attitude was refreshing.

The end of the programme saw her being made to endure a feast created from her food hell, lobster.

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Geri is unveiling her first music in more than a decade on Monday, a tribute single entitled Angel In Chains for her close friend, the late George Michael.

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