Saturday Kitchen viewers in hysterics as Hairy Bikers suffer major cake fail

Proving cooking on TV doesn't always go to plan!

It can be stressful enough making the perfect cake in the comfort of your own kitchen, so spare a thought for the poor Hairy Bikers who suffered a major baking fail on today’s Saturday Kitchen.

Dave Myers and Si King were attempting to create a perfect summer pudding on live TV when it all fell down – quite literally – around them!

So far… suet good! (Credit: BBC One)

After whipping up a divine looking Wimbledon-inspired pudding featuring raspberries and strawberries soaked in Pimm’s, they did the oh-so-TV-chef thing of placing their concoction in the fridge to set, then getting out another ready set pudding that had been done earlier.

So far, so good… until it came to getting the pudding on the plate.

Oh dear! (Credit: BBC One)

There were ominous hints that something bad was about to happen – not only did Dave admit he “hated” the whole flip the pudding to get it out moment, but guest Alex James even commented: “This is the best bit, this magic moment – will it, won’t it?”

“Not on live TV it isn’t!” countered Dave.

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Unfortunately for Dave, it turned out he was right, as despite his rather expert handling of the pudding bowl, flipping it up and trying to cake the dessert out, the goods just wouldn’t budge.

No amount of banging the bowl, tapping it, shaking it would get that pudding on the plate.

So it was on to Plan B: scraping the pudding out with a knife which, on the plus side, did the job but on the downside, left a sticky, gooey, collapsed mess on the plate. Oops.

But, staying true to the Hairy Bikers’ positive, care free attitude, the chefs took it all in their stride with shouts of Abraca – Collapso and a cheeky quip from Dave that it reminded him of what happens when his wife removes her Spanx. How rude!

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And just because of the pudding had collapsed, it didn’t mean the bikers were giving up! They went ahead and decorated the mess with berries, garnishes and promises it would taste just as lovely.

As you’d expect, viewers were in hysterics by the whole debacle!

Others praised the “realism” and showing not every cooking attempt works out.

Scores more demanded the Hairy Bikers return to the show soon.

And others offered a simple piece of advice to the pair…

Better luck next time, guys!

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