Saturday Kitchen viewers confused as host apologises for bad language

Oopsy, he got a bit carried away

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Saturday Kitchen host Matt Tebbutt supposedly caused a stir among viewers on this weekend’s show when he swore on live TV.

But in actual fact, though he apologised later on, most viewers completely missed the incident and had no idea what he’d said!

Matt was cooking alongside chef Anna Hansen (Credit: BBC)

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Matt was joined by chef Anna Hansen who was showcasing a fishy dish. As Matt helped her out by chopping the plantain, he was chatting away to Anna.

The show then went to a clip, but when it came back Matt, who was with celebrity guest Sophie Rundle, said:

Matt apologised for swearing before interviewing guest Sophie (Credit: BBC)

“Earlier in the show I may have used bad language out of all the excitement.

“Big apologies for that. I wasn’t aware of it. Just me getting carried away.”

But fans were left super-confused as most had absolutely no idea what he’d said.

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It turns out, the chef had supposedly said the F-word when calling something brilliant.

But others weren’t convinced that’s what he said at all, and were cross he’d had to say sorry.

It’s not the first time the cooking show has had to apologise.

Celebrity chef Tom Kitchin accidentally muttered an offensive word back in April over a meringue incident.

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