Comedian Sarah Millican is unrecognisable as she unveils new look

She looks so different but we can't put our finger on how she's changed!

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Not content with being side-splittingly funny and the world’s most successful girl next door, much loved comedian Sarah Millican has stunned fans with an amazing transformation.

Sarah, 41, showed off her new slim and stylish look on Instagram and nobody could believe how fresh and healthy she looked.

Hmmm… now what is so different? (Credit: Instagram)

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She was posting to thank her supporters after the screening of her latest show Outsider.

In the picture, she’s sitting pretty but her furry friend on her lap is a little less chic.

The soggy doggy looks a little bedraggled and distracted as it sits on her legs. Perhaps Sarah was on the tele?

Oooh, she does look different, doesn’t she? (Credit: Instagram)

Sarah’s happy smile with just a little eye makeup is set off by some very retro tortoiseshell cats eye specs straight out of 1950s Americana chic. We love!

And as always, Sarah loves her fans just as much.

She wrote: “Slightly overwhelmed by all the love. Thank you. Some of this show was hard to say every day but I think it helped me ultimately.

When she’s working she loves an apple (Credit: YouTube)

“Come to the next show! Info coming soon. Get on my mailing list via my website to get that info first. Much love to you all. Thanks for watching.”

Some might think she’s changed her diet from 100% cake and buns to look so good but actually the northern lass says she’s never been too bad with food.

Really? Her routines are filled with humble quips about cake and her waistline. That’s partly why we love her.

That boxy hair gave her a much frumpier look (Credit: YouTube)

But apparently she regrets making people think she’s a biscuit monster. Speaking last year she said: “I did a handful of jokes about cake and now people think I never go near a vegetable.”

On Instagram last month she revealed her tasty and very healthy “writing snacks” – an apple, a banana and a tangerine.

Hang on a second, have we been duped?

Is Sarah just a secret Gwyneth Paltrow in a juicy English pear shape?

The funny gal says she isn’t always eating cakes (Credit: YouTube)

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Is it possible the girl next door has turned into a celebrity millionaire with perfect skin and nothing in her tummy but boiled broccoli, cranberry juice and shark wee (or whatever they’re putting in their crazy smoothies at the moment)?

Don’t worry. She’s assured audiences in shows before that she’ll carry on eating exactly what she wants: “I think the problem is just the fact that I eat whatever I like and I don’t give a [damn].”

Good for you Sarah. But we reckon her stunning new look is all down to her hair.

Her longer darker locks make her look not only leaner but a lot younger than her 41 years. Also we’ve noticed she’s been wearing a lot more fitted clothes that nip her in.

Regardless of her tricks, we reckon she looks just lush!