Sarah Harding mystery as singer vanished during Ghost performance

The singer has taken a lot of abuse!

Sarah Harding suffered quite the embarrassing moment on stage after having to be ‘hauled off’ on Monday night.

The former Girls Aloud singer plays the lead role of Molly in the Ghost production alongside Hollyoaks actor Andy Moss, who plays Molly’s murdered lover Sam, a role model made famous by Patrick Swayze on the big screen.

Sarah had to be replaced by her understudy Kelly Hampson at Blackpool’s Winter Gardens venue and refused to come back on stage after the interval for mysterious reasons.

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A rep for the star refused to confirm the reason, but a source has told The Sun Online that she had been taking powerful painkillers to help a knee injury and was slurring and stumbling through THAT clay wheel scene.

Awkward. We bet that was a right mess to clean up.

Sarah Waling, who paid a whopping £80 for two tickets, was not happy about her performance, and told the website: “People stumbling home from the pub singing drunk would be better than what she did.

“She can’t sing and kept messing up her lines, slurring her words or speaking when it wasn’t her turn.”

One Twitter user said she was ‘shocking’ and they wished they had the understudy.

Another said ‘she was an embarrassment she can’t sing and kept talking over co-stars lines…’


It looked like Sarah had had enough of all of the negative comments in the media and so the singer bit back posting a tweet saying: “Some people should learn to get thier facts right before making assumptions. [sic]”

Tell us the facts then Saz!

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The 34-year-old star had only returned to the show a month ago in September because of having a upper respiratory tract infection which took her a long time to recover from.

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