Sarah Harding: ‘Back on pills and booze’

Friends fear she’s on the brink of a breakdown

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Could Sarah Harding be heading for some kind of breakdown? Well, that’s what her mates reckon, if reports are to believed.

The Girls Aloud star, who has been heavily criticised for her performance as Molly in the touring production of Ghost, is said to be feeling the strain from the public backlash and has apparently turned to drink to help her through the worst of it.

If the harsh criticism she’s endured recently wasn’t enough for her to contend with, she has also been rocked by her sudden split from her manager and is still on medication to ease the excrutiating pain she sustained from her stint on The Jump.

“Sarah’s on the brink — producers know it, everyone knows it,’ one of those reliable friend-types has told The Sun.

“She’s back on the painkillers for her injury, but the worry is when she goes back to her hotel room and drinks alone.

“Ever since she took on the role in September her performances have been slammed and she’s not taking the criticism well.’

Since Sarah took on the role of Molly, she has come under attack from theatre goers and the press alike, in what is tantamount to bullying. But Sarah has kept a dignified silence throughout her toughest times.

This week, the gorgeous singer was forced to pull out of a show in Blackpool half way through the performance after being taken ill.

Of course, that didn’t stop some nasty audience members from making unfair jibes and suggesting that her understudy Kelly Hampson was far better in the role.

Now concerned friends are apparently telling Sarah that she needs to take a break and get her head together, but she’s not listening. Now, they are worried that if she doesn’t take their advice she could end up back in rehab like she did back in 2011.

However, in spite of suggestions that Sarah may have turned to drink to get her through these rough times, her spokesman is adamant that “Sarah is not dependent on alcohol and can control what she consumes.”

Well, we reckon that if people get off Sarah’s back for a just a minute, she might just be able to get through this tough time in one piece. Good luck, girl!