Sam Womack teases EastEnders fate as soap films multiple exits

It seems they will meet a gruesome end, one way or another

EastEnders is the latest soap to tease a dramatic exit for one, or more, of its characters.

It has been revealed that BBC soap bosses are filming multiple departures for Ronnie and Roxy Mitchell and Sam Womack has taken to Twitter to back up that theory.

She wrote: “Multiple endings……… Do you know what you think you know??? Is it the end, will it end,who will go and how? Sisters together forever.”

It has been reported that there is an explosive storyline, that will see the sisters leave Walford and it seems that Sam has confirmed that they will be together until the end, whatever the outcome.

Digital Spy have confirmed that Ronnie and Roxy will be involved in multiple exit, so that it can combat storyline leaks.

Their demise in EastEnders is expected to be aired over New Year but Sam has since retweeted an intriguing twist.

She has shared with her 217,000 followers the idea that Ronnie and Roxy might not even go at all.

It is all very intriguing, especially when you throw in to the melting pot the claim by The Sun that the pair are going to meet a “gruesome” demise.

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Speaking to Digital Spy, an EastEnders spokesperson said: “We know how much our audience hate to have future storylines spoilt, so we do not comment on speculative stories.

“However, knowing there’s huge excitement about the departure of the iconic Mitchell sisters, to keep this plot under wraps we are filming various different endings.

“We want this to be one of those moments that the audience only get to see when they switch on.

“Even the cast do not know exactly which ending will be broadcast.”

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An EastEnders insider also told Digital Spy: “It’s a terrible shame that someone chooses to leak our storylines – it only ruins the fun for everyone.

“You wouldn’t read the last page of a book before you start reading it, so why would you want to know the ending of a story before it begins?

“Bosses take leaks extremely seriously and anyone found to be doing it risks losing their job.

“They have some classic EastEnders moments coming up that they really want the audience to see for themselves without reading about it first, so they are taking extra precautions around this massive story.

“The departure of Ronnie and Roxy has so much speculation around it already that bosses are keeping everything under wraps.

“There are even rumours that there is so much secrecy, there could be more shock departures. It may not be just the sisters that will be leaving.”

With soaps enjoying a grand time at the moment for stunts and drama, it looks like EastEnders is going to usher in the new year in spectacular fashion.

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