Sam Faiers says she won’t “beg” her boyfriend to propose

She's happy to wait

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Sam Faiers has insisted she is not “begging” her boyfriend Paul Knightley to pop the question.

The former TOWIE star says she doesn’t want people to think she’s a “creepy girlfriend” who just hangs around waiting for her other half to propose.

Fans of her reality show The Mummy Diaries – which follows Sam, her fella and their 15-month-old baby son Paul – regularly saw her tease her boyfriend about when he might finally get down on one knee.

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She would often talk about how much she wanted to be married and would joke about waiting for Paul to put a ring on it. But the 26-year-old insists that that’s all it was – a joke.

“It was a bit of an ongoing joke between us that happened to end up being made into a big part of the show,” she told OK magazine.

“Of course I’d love to get married, but I don’t want people thinking I’m some creepy girlfriend who begs her boyfriend to propose.

“I know he’ll ask me at some point so I’m in no rush. We’ve said we won’t have any more children until we get married, though.”

The couple, who have been together for more than two years, appeared in The Baby Diaries and then The Mummy Diaries, after son Paul came along. And The Mummy Diaries is returning for a second series next week, following the family as they made an extended trip to Los Angeles.

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While Sam herself might be happy to wait for Paul to propose in his own time, she does admit they face pressure from other people about when they might tie the knot.

“We get asked all the time so it puts a lot of pressure on him,” said Sam. “We’ve spoken about marriage – it’s definitely on the cards.”

And she already has some ideas about the big day itself.

“I want a small, intimate wedding,” she added. “I don’t really want the big white wedding. I want it to be on a beach, somewhere exotic.

“I’m not engaged yet, but we really want to be married before we have our next baby, so the next couple of years definitely.”

Are you listening, Paul?