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Saira Khan divides fans as she struts in racy lingerie and ‘scary’ mask

The star left little to the imagination!

Saira Khan has left her fans stunned after the presenter shared a video of her in a very racy Halloween costume indeed.

Taking to social media, the Loose Women star posted a video of her in which she’d transformed from reading in a cosy dressing gown to posing in a sexy devil get-up.

The mum-of-two, 50, addressed her some 81,000 Instagram followers with the cheeky clip.

But some viewers found her Halloween outfit a little bit too much.

saira khan
Saira is trying out a sexier image (Credit: ITV)

Saira Khan is embracing her sexy side!

Some even said it was ‘scary’ as she wore a mask and pointed a knife at the camera.

One user lamented: “You look gorg but I really didn’t like the mask and knife.”

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But Saira hit back: “Halloween!! You are not supposed to like it.”

While another user argued: “You look fab.. But I’m sorry i didn’t like the acting with the knife.. Aggressive Doesn’t suit your lovely persona.”

saira khan
But Saira’s mask and knife scared some users (Credit: ITV)

Saira hit back at the critics

Again Saira hit back, but this time with: “You can’t please everyone.”

However, dozens of others rushed to congratulate the celebrity on how fantastic she looks.

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One user gushed: “Wow. I’ll have what she’s having!!”

Another user praised: “Love this! Thank you for being such an inspiration. Xx”

And a third user commented: “Damn @iamsairakhan you look absolutely gorgeous xx.”

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Saira shared the video as part of her partnership with lingerie retailer Figleaves.

Her lengthy captioned detailed how she is trying to embrace her ‘sexy’.

The caption included: “Being sexy is not about what you are wearing, it’s about your confidence, self esteem, talents, skills, achievements and the ability to accept and love who you are. It’s about your mindset.

“Feeling sexy, wanting to be sexy and being sexy is NORMAL, it’s part of being a woman, it’s a feeling which we ordinary women need to connect with and remind ourselves, it’s nothing to be ashamed of.

“How women choose to express themselves does not give anyone the right to judge them or is an invitation to be seen as sexual objects and be exploited.

“The narrative needs to change – it’s not men or the media who should define what a sexy woman should look like.

“We are now rising up, taking control and empowering ourselves with owning our sexy!”

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