Dr Emily Andre Lorraine (Credit: ITV)

Peter Andre’s wife Emily reveals she found a lump in her breast as she raises awareness for screening

Opening up about her own experience to encourage others

Following a new report that more women than ever are not going for potential life saving breast scans, Lorraine Kelly was on her show this morning discussing it with Peter Andre’s wife Emily.

Emily, a qualified doctor, was standing in for the show’s usual medical specialist, Dr Hilary Jones.

Emily Andre Lorraine (Credit: ITV)
Emily and Lorraine discuss an important topic (Credit: ITV)

The 28-year-old led a discussion on the day’s biggest health headlines, and spoke about her experience of finding a lump on her own breast.

She said: “It seems that a lot of women are fearful of what they might find, which is really interesting that would make them delay going in for their screening.”

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The pair discussed the importance of awareness, and the Coppafeel! Breast Cancer charity, that campaigns and encourage women to regularly check their breasts.

CoppaFeel! sticker (Credit: ITV)
Get this CoppaFeel! sticker to remind you to check in the shower (Credit: ITV)

Emily said: “If you go on their website you can read all about it. They can send you a text message once a month to remind you just to check your breasts, or they have little stickers that you can put in the shower, which is a good time to check your breasts.”

She continued: “I do check, even though I’m a doctor, I found a lump in my breast about a year ago, and I did ring the GP and kind of considered if it was the right thing to do.

Emily held her own on the TV show (Credit: ITV)

“I did go, and actually was surprised that they referred me very quickly to the Royal Marsden [a specialist cancer treatment hospital in London].

“It was interesting that I didn’t need to feel silly about going in because I’m a young woman.”

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She also reassured younger women watching, that they shouldn’t be scared to go to the doctors if they’re worried.

She said: “They dealt with it so sensitively and quickly and it was fine. Just to let young women know that whilst it’s unlikely to be anything serious it is really important that you check yourself, know what’s normal for you.”

Today was Emily’s first segment on the TV show, and praised her:

The mum of two returned to work in December following her maternity leave, after having her second child with Peter.

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