Rylan reveals why his massive gnashers helped kick-off his career

TV supremo says his massive fake teeth were enough to distract audiences from his dodgy presenting skills

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He may have started out on Katie Price’s little known talent show Signed By Katie Price on Sky Living years ago, but Rylan Clark-Neal’s career really has gone from strength to strength.

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And while the public has been surprised that he has managed to go from slightly cheesy peroxide blonde wannabe model to well respected telly presenter, it’s been just as astonishing for the man himself.

And the refreshingly honest fella is the first to admit that in the early days of his presenting career he might not have been as good as he is now, but says he managed to succeed because his much talked about set of veneers managed to distract people from seeing that he wasn’t as good as he could have been.

He says that if they hadn’t been as stunning white and as large as they were at the time, he thinks he may not have lasted as long as he has in the industry or ended up landing the amazing jobs he has.

“I got my veneers finished the day before I started hosting Big Brother’s Bit On The Side, my first presenting job,” he told Notebook magazine.

“My mouth was swollen from the anaesthetic, they were brilliant-white, brand new.

“That was the first night everyone saw them, and all people did was take the [mick] out of my teeth.

“So no one realised I was a [rubbish] presenter, and by the time they stopped talking about my teeth a few months later, I’d got better at the job.”

Meanwhile, Rylan has revealed that he was once mugged by a fox.

No, not a sexy guy with swagger and rugged looks, but a four-legged ginger beast with a big fuzzy tail.

But not like a Basil Brush-type in a waist coat and jacket.

Just a normal everyday street-prowling animal with an ominous glint in its eye.

Asked if he had ever been in a punch up Rylan revealed: “No, but I was mugged by a fox.

“I was drunk, in the fox’s defence I was walking back to my friend’s at 2am and there was a fox on the wall.

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“I stamped my foot to make it go away, but it slid down the wall and started walking towards me.

“Then it jumped at me, I dropped my wallet, it took my wallet in it’s mouth and ran away.

“I was like, ‘Am I [tiddly] or is this happening?’”

Luckily Rylan managed to put that traumatic time behind him and has moved on and can been seen everyday on This Morning and in  his new quiz show Babushka from May 1.

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