Rylan Clark-Neal nearly swears on This Morning during HUGE rant about fellow celebrities

"Sorry, I have to calm down!"

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Anyone who watches Big Brother’s Bit On The Side will be familiar with Rylan Clark-Neal’s regular rants about housemates, life and everything in between.

And now his famous Rylan’s Rant segment has moved to This Morning, where it caused much merriment for Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford on Friday.

Don’t get Rylan started on set up pap shots! [Credit: ITV]

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The pair struggled to contain their laughter as a visibly wound up Rylan, 28, launched into a furious tirade about fellow celebrities who set up paparazzi shots.

You know the kind he means… from glammed up stars posing in empty swimming pools off-season to snogging ferociously on a beach with their faces at just the right angles for the camera to catch their good side.

And we can’t forget those who work out with a full face of make-up and crop top in an empty park mid-winter…

Clearly it really winds up Rylan – and he didn’t hold back while explaining just why.

Eamonn and Ruth couldn’t stop chuckling [Credit: ITV]

So much so, that not even his pals emerged unscathed, as he accused some naughty unnamed celebrity friends of calling photographers to catch him when he’s round for dinner with husband Dan Neal.

“I won’t mention any names – I would love to but I’ll not,” he raged.

“I’ve been to people’s houses for dinner. They’ll say, ‘Come over for lunch, it would be nice for you and Dan to come over’.

“Then I turn up and there’s someone on the driveway – not on the road, but on the driveway going, ‘Hello, mate, you alright?'”

He said friends of his have even set-up shots without him knowing [Credit: ITV]

Rylan was particularly angry about the idea people may think he’s in on it when he’s never called a pap in his life.

“I don’t do set up shots, I’ve never done them, never, ever in my life,” he said.

“That’s another reason it annoys me as people probably put me in the same bracket and think, ‘I bet he does that’. I can’t stand it!”

Rylan gave his best impression of a set up celeb picture on the beach [Credit: ITV]

Rylan went on to take aim at celebrities who are papped looking immaculate on the beach or claiming to have been caught in candid moments that were obviously staged.

“You read these mags and it’s ‘so and so caught on the beach’ – and when we say ‘caught on the beach’, we mean with a make-up artist on a rock, looking into the camera.

“Or ‘caught on the beach on a romantic getaway’ – they ring them up and go, ‘I’m going to Benidorm! Get me on the rock!'”

Ruth joked Rylan better not get so wound up he swore for real [Credit: ITV]

At one point Rylan got so angry about it all he nearly swore, prompting Ruth to step in and say: “That’s the danger of you having a rant!”

Rylan laughed: “I was gonna say a naughty word there! This is how riled up I get!

“They edit it at Big Brother and we do it as a pre-record because I start going off the handle.

“It really winds me up.”

Rylan said he’d hate anyone to think he sets up photos [Credit: ITV]

That being said, the star did admit to being a fan of celeb gossip and pictures – even if he cringes at the set up pictures.

“I love magazine Tuesday. I’ll have a Diet Coke, look at the mags, have a flick through and see what’s going on in the world,” he said.

Ruth interrupted to quip: “Is that when you read about our divorce?”

Laughing, Rylan joked: “Yes! It’s ‘Ruth and Eamonn have split up, he’s been cheating with Britney!’ I phone you and go, ‘Mum, I can’t believe I come from a broken home!’ You go, ‘No, that’s not true’ and I go, ‘Thank God!’

Twitter @MsLisaAppleton
Rylan said Big Brother legend Lisa Appleton can do whatever she wants – and he’d even take set up pics for her! [Credit: Twitter @MsLisaAppleton]

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Rylan added: “I love the magazines, like I say, and I know they have to put something in there and it’s all great.

“But when it’s so and so working out in the park, unless it’s Lisa Appleton or Lauren Harries, I don’t want to know!

“They can get away with it and I personally look forward to it – I would take the photos myself for them two girls but anyone else I don’t like it.

“Sorry, I have to calm down!”

Just breathe, Rylan, breathe!