Rylan Clark-Neal drops bombshell about his homebody alter-ego Ross

One face for family, another for fans

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So, Rylan has been doing the rounds to promote his new quiz show Babushka. Yes, you may have read about it…

And during one chat, he started referring to another name beginning with R, while discussing his marriage and husband Dan Neal.

“Dan married Ross, he didn’t marry Rylan,” he said.

Eh? Ross? Who the hell is Ross?

Strike us down with a feather, but we had totally forgotten that Rylan isn’t REALLY a Rylan at all, he’s a Ross.

Rylan is the celebrity alter-ego he created back in the day.

He went on to say: “Who the hell wants to marry Rylan?!” You said it, Ry! Er, Ross?!

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“I leave Rylan at my front door and then I’m Ross at home, that’s what Dan and my family call me.

“Then the second I walk out of that front door, I’m Rylan because everyone can see it. That’s the way I deal with it. It’s not a character or persona, it’s the same person, but Rylan gets away with a lot more.”

Okay, so he might have a tan as bright as the sun and teeth so bright they out-sparkle the twinkliest of stars in the sky, but Rylan Clark-Neal is adamant that he’s a shy retiring type.

Woah, we’re not sure we can take such a bold bombshell on a Bank Holiday Monday!

But thinking about it, maybe he is right.

Rylan says he’s a wallflower (Credit: Channel 5)

Yeah, he may have extravagantly entertained us on The X Factor by singing and dancing like a Madonna backing dancer in flamboyant outfits, but in his real life, he isn’t a star like CBBBOTS occasional guest Lizzie Cundy, who turns up to the opening of a fridge door.

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“Anyone who knows me will say I’m the most normal bloke you’ll ever meet. I hate the showbiz scene,” says Rylan, 28.

“I rarely do interviews, I didn’t sell my wedding photos [Rylan married Dan Neal in November 2015] as I want to keep my life private, and I hate any type of ‘launch’ – I get invited to everything and never go.”

Rylan prefers his sofa to a showbiz bash (Credit: ITV)

He said the only premiere he’s ever really been to was Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie and that was only because he was in the film and was hired to host the event.”

And the reason he has decided to snub the glittery trappings of fame? “Because it’s not real”, he says.

“Nothing’s real – everyone’s just being polite for the sake of being polite,” he told The Sun.

The This Morning host is a busy bee (Credit: ITV)

“They’re there because they’ve got a free night out or a car into London and a photo in a magazine. I don’t want my photo in a magazine.”

The incredibly honest presenter added: “I’m a bit of a weirdo. I just want to do my job and go home.

“And that surprises me sometimes because before all of this happened to me, I thought I would be the one who loved all of that. I’m not.”

From daytime to nighttime, he’s a master of chat (Credit: Channel 5)

Of course, in the early days of his career, he was a very different Rylan and was keen on being in the limelight and auditioned for Big Brother, appeared on Katie Price’s Signed By Katie talent show and of course, The X Factor.

“I always wanted this [fame], I just didn’t know when it would happen or what I’d be doing, then you get it and think: ‘I didn’t make the most of not being known.’ I’m 6ft 3in, so I can’t hide!” he explained.

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“I wouldn’t change what I do for the world – I’m lucky and I love my job – I would just like to be forgotten about every now and again.

Rylan with his proper celeb mates Ben Adams, Jaymi Hensley, Claire Richards and H (Credit: Instagram)

“I’m public property, the public put me where I am. They own me. Everyone’s lovely, don’t get me wrong, but you always have that worry: ‘What if someone’s not lovely?’”