Rylan Clark-Neal has turned to Katie Price for marriage advice

The TV host has supposedly been through a rocky patch with his handsome hubby Dan

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Imagine you’re going through some kind of marriage crisis…

You and your other half are having a tough time, you’re not seeing each other, not speaking and you feel like things need to change.

So what do you do? Where do you turn?

To someone who has been happily married for decades?

Or your best mate who has been married three times in ten years and has had more boyfriends than Hollyoaks has had serial killers?

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Well, if reports are to believed, Rylan Clark-Neal has apparently turned to marriage junkie Katie Price for advice after he recently went through a rocky patch with his gorgeous hubby Dan Neal.

Oh, you didn’t know they were on the rocks?

Well neither did we, but Now magazine supposedly has it on good authority that things haven’t been great between the look-a-like pair who got hitched in November 2015.

According to the mag, the handsome fellas have been struggling because Rylan’s busy career has kept the two of them apart.

“Rylan has been so busy lately. He’s hardly seen Dan and, with the backlash Babushka received for temporarily replacing The Chase, it’s fair to say that he’s stressed,” the source vaguely told the magazine.

“He and Dan have been arguing over silly things, but it’s really putting pressure on their marriage. Rylan doesn’t know what to do, but neither of them wants to throw in the towel over this.”

And so for some much needed advice about how to hold their marriage together, Rylan has supposedly turned to his best mate, The Pricey.

And why not? After all, she used to give some great advice back in the day as an agony aunt for OK!.

Plus she’s ‘been there, done that’ when it comes to relationships, so she knows the score, so is perfectly equipped to offer some canny advice.

“Katie told Rylan that nobody said marriage would be easy, but that she’s learned it’s better to air your feelings than to keep them bottled up,” the source told Now.

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See, Katie is a wise, wise woman.

And as we all know, Katie is a woman who is very open and honest about her feelings and managed to successfully piece back together her broken relationship.

When she found out her hubby Kieran Hayler cheated on her with her best mate a few years ago, Katie was not shy about letting the world know about it by slating the other woman on Twitter of all places.

But then she displayed a balanced and caring side by generously giving Kieran a second chance and supporting him while he went through counselling.

Katie and Kieran have been happy after she gave forgive him for cheating (Credit: Instagram)

Reps for Katie and Rylan haven’t commented on the Now story, but we wouldn’t expect Rylan to anyway as he recently revealed that he’s not really into showbiz game of hanging out at trashy showbiz parties or doing interviews.

“Anyone who knows me will say I’m the most normal bloke you’ll ever meet. I hate the showbiz scene,” Rylan said recently.

“I rarely do interviews, I didn’t sell my wedding photos as I want to keep my life private, and I hate any type of ‘launch’ – I get invited to everything and never go.”

Rylan says he love s his showbiz alter ego at the door when he’s home with Dan (Credit: ITV)

Instead he admitted recently that he’s happy to snuggle up at home with his hairy hubby Dan Neal. Awww!