Ryan’s cheating exposed as sordid video evidence played in PUBLIC!

Hollyoaks copper humiliated in front of his colleagues and fiancée Amy

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When DS Ryan Knight first strode into Hollyoaks, he appeared all butter wouldn’t melt.

That soon changed when he betrayed poor fiancée Amy by having a one-night stand with Mercedes McQueen after a row.

Since then he has been chasing his tail, being blackmailed by Goldie who videoed the night of passion.

This coming week he will be exposed when the recording is screened in front of Amy and his police colleagues.

Hollyoaks Duncan James

Duncan James has said he loves playing his cheating Hollyoaks character because it’s a refreshing change to be hated.

“I really enjoy playing Ryan. It’s a nice contrast for me because I have always been kind of known as a nice guy in Blue.

“It’s nice to play a part that is actually a bit of a numpty, and a bit of a conniving, controlling kind of person,” admitted the Blue star turned soap actor.

“I don’t think Ryan is that popular, so it’s nice to play somebody unpopular – when I like to think I’ve always been quite popular myself.”

He said that the love felt for Amy’s ex Ste Hay helped to make Ryan a villain.

Hollyoaks Amy Barnes

Duncan explained: “It makes him more hated and more disliked.

“It’s fun playing a part like that because you can really get your teeth into it and make people react at home.

“It creates more of an emotion in somebody watching at home – which is what you want at the end of the day.”

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