Ryan Thomas reveals special meal plan ahead of Christmas

Ah, just have a mince pie and be done with it, Ry!

All of those barbeques Ryan Thomas was presumably having during his time down under must have gotten to him.

And since he’s touched back down in the UK, he’s been putting some effort into getting his diet sorted.

But surely mid-December’s not the time to be doing this kind of thing, eh?

This is the time of year to be tucking into endless supplies of mince pies, pigs-in-blankets and Brussels sprouts, if you’re that way inclined.

Ryan’s eating square meals now. Get it? Get it? (Credit: Instagram)

Not for Ryan though, whose new diet plan seems to fit neatly into a small cardboard box.

He took to Instagram to show off his meal prep, in an image that shows the hunk standing in his kitchen, with one foot atop his delivery from Soulmate Food.

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Soulmate claim to “prepare and deliver healthy gourmet meal plans to people with active lifestyles,” which unfortunately rules us out.

But for a gym-addict like Ryan – not to mention his other half Lucy Mecklenburgh, who’s an actual fitness expert – no doubt it’s a godsend.

It looks nice, but where’s the garlic bread? (Credit: Instagram / soulmatefood)

Fans of Ryan, however, were less interested in his dietary plans than they were by his outfit.

His oversized sheepskin coat certainly drew the eye, with one commenter suggesting it made him look like Pablo Escobar, and another noting it had a touch of the “Del boy” about it.

Ryan has recently touched back down in the UK after a long spell filming scenes for Aussie soap neighbours.

He had to leave behind friends, family and partner Lucy in order to make his mark on Ramsay Street.

Ryan and Lucy have reunited after he returned from Australia (Credit: WENN)

In scenes due to air early next year, Ryan will be playing mysterious newcomer Rafael Humphreys.

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And rumour has it, the role’s very different from anything he’s played before, so we can’t wait to see it!

Not as much as we want to see a full Christmas dinner delivered in a shoebox, mind you.