Ryan Thomas hits back at rumours of split from Lucy Mecklenburgh

He has a point to make

The course of true love rarely runs smooth, especially in celebsville, but we pretty much expected the love between Ryan Thomas and Lucy Mecklenburgh to be well over seeing as he’s upped and left her to live in Australia.

However, there’s been a bit of serious Social Media affection between the pair just recently, suggesting that perhaps all is not lost…

Do Ryan and Lucy still only have eyes for each other? (Credit: Instagram @lucymeck1)

Ryan has shared a post on his Instagram feed bigging up Lucy’s ‘With Self Love’ project – a programme to help tackle anxiety – and she went and returned the love by reposting his message with a sweet thank you note and an emoji kissy face. You guys!

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Lucy reposted Ryan’s sweet message and blew him a kiss via emoji (Credit: Instagram @lucymeck1)

Not content with that, Ryan then tagged her in an Instagram pic of what he was having for his tea (erm, romantic) and the whole world was left wondering – did he grill those prawns himself and also WHAT’S GOING ON!?

We don’t have to worry about Ryan going hungry whilst he’s in Australia (Credit: Instagram)

Ryan and Lucy met when they both appeared on Bear Gryll’s Celebrity Island and bonded over tropical storms and water shortages with their relationship continuing when they got back home.

The pair met on Bear Gryll’s Celbrity Island (Credit: Channel 4)

The couple seemed so taken with each other that Ryan even introduced Lucy to his eight-year-old daughter Scarlett who he shares with former girlfriend and Corrie co-star Tina O’Brien.

Ryan adores his daughter Scarlet (Credit: Instagram)

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But trouble came a-knocking when Ryan received the call about a part in hit Aussie soap Neighbours, an opportunity he didn’t want to pass on.

“I grew up watching Neighbours so to get the chance to join the cast is amazing,” he said in an interview, whilst quite probably day-dreaming about Harold Bishop and pints at The Waterhole.

Lucy seemed to throw herself into her own ventures, working on her project and taking herself off to a fitness, raw food retreat.

Lucy on holiday with Ryan before his move to Australia (Credit: Instagram)

But it looks like the pair can’t quite let each other go. After all, you know what they say about absence and the heart growing stronger.

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